Recently UK-based consulting contingent, Brand Finance took on the arduous task of calculating the value of top the 50 soccer clubs on the planet for 2016. Interestingly, the values are calculated using several variables. First by estimating what the owner would pay for use of the brand if it were not already owned. Further, the strength of brand through investment, emotional connection,  commercial performance (which includes matchday plus broadcasting revenue) are all calculated. 

Looking at these lists is always a wild, eye-opening situation, for many reasons. We always hear about “big clubs” but it isn’t always tangible until you see that Man United generated 1.1 billion in 2016. It makes that outlandish Pogba deal  not so outlandish. Another interesting thing to note is that we tend to look at money and translate that into success or titles on the pitch. In the case of Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern, PSG and to some extent Man City or Chelsea this paradigm applies. But when we look at the top 50 overall it proves that value and money don’t always translate to quality football. We learn this courtesy of Newcastle and Villa who don’t even play in the top flight in England. 

Have a look at the top 50 and let us know if there any jaw-dropping stats that jump out at you. Also for more interesting lists outside of footy check out



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