Inspired by vintage goalkeeper bags and the dopp kits soccer players haul around when traveling to or from a match, The Terrace Club x Aviata Sport Dopp Bag is a versatile piece steeped in footy roots. According to Ben from the Terrace Club the idea was always to blend the two concepts. In wanting to pay homage to goalkeepers TC naturally reached out to makers of fine goalkeeping wear, Aviata Sport. Not only does the dopp stylistically mimic vintage goalkeeper bags, but the inner lining is made of old black and white photos of goalies making iconic saves. 

More design concepts stemmed from seeing players over the decades carry their toiletry bags en route to the locker room or bus on game day. The bag was built with that versatility in mind as the entire outer is made of a durable wax canvas which repels water and ages well. Lastly, one thing that the Terrace Club and Aviata Sport are both staunchly proud of is that their dopp bag is made from front to back in the U.S.A.

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