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For Kit Stories presented by World Soccer Shop, we catch up with the man that goes by one name, Poet. If he was suiting up to play for Brazil he would fit right in. Poet has made a name for himself in the Hip-hop scene in the UK and for over 10 years was one of the key players in ushering in this new era of Football/Soccer media. Even if you are not familiar with his music(he currently has a project with his group, Vibbar, on iTunes now), you probably know him as part of the dynamic youtube duo “Poet and Vuj.” In a way only Poet can, he takes us on his kit journey: from the first Arsenal top he can remember owning to a very unique customized kit that is sure to turn some heads. Check out his Kit Story below along with some snaps.

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For this edition of Kit Stories presented by World Soccer Shop, we meet up with Mr. “Have a Nice” himself, David “Vuj” Vujanić. Vuj takes us through his kit journey, from falling in love with the sport during the 1998 World Cup when he was captivated by the OG Ronaldo. Vuj recaps a story of a very unique Steven Gerard Liverpool kit that he owns and we learn about how a series of kits in his closet represents the different iterations of his family’s national heritage. His kit journey comes full circle at the 2018 World Cup in Russia when Serbia played Brazil in the group stages. Watch as Vuj passionately expresses his love for the football kit. “I love kits man, they’re just iconic. They represent a time. They capture moments. They transcend the game itself.”

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It ain’t easy being a soccer fan right now. On top of managing your sleep and work schedule just to keep up with the World Cup, you might also be having a hard time staying on top of the plethora of releases that are either already available or just on the horizon. One such release which may have escaped our notice, but is now receiving the attention it deserves, is World Soccer Shop’s latest collab with designer Renzo Cardoni. The project takes the kit game to a new level and ensures you’ll be supporting your favorite team in a truly unique way.

The small capsule collection includes jerseys from teams like Portugal, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Croatia, and Brazil. Cardoni, however, adds a touch of luxury to each only as he knows how by customizing each player number with hand stitched snakeskin.

I can’t deny that the release packs some serious style, but that style comes attached to a hefty price tag. I like to be balling on a budget, so while this release is not exactly for me, I do appreciate the positive things it might usher. As we all know, the custom kit game – at least when it comes to major retailers – is very limited at the moment. Sure, we have seen some special releases similar to this project, however, kit customization still seems to have a DIY or small brand ethos. The past few years though have proven to me that fans are not satisfied with just a simple jersey anymore. Instead, they like embellishments whether it be unique patches, custom fonts, or simply anything else that will help in inserting a little bit of their own identity into each garment. World Soccer Shop clearly has its ears and eyes on supporter culture and the lifestyle movement. For this reason, I am excited to see what they will cook up next.

The order of the day, however, is their Renzo Cardoni collab which you can grab here.