Following suit with the current trend in offering a more classic colorway to the in-fashion neon glitz of modern soccer boots, Umbro gives the Velocita 3 a subdued stroke of class. The “Astral Aura” is a paradox as it is the Double Diamond’s most tech rich silo with a modest dress. The upper and sole plate are dominated by black with deep plum, while the studs, collar and laces accent the darkness with a vibrant aqua.  Add the timeless, white Double Diamond branding and the boots are arguably Umbro’s best looking of the year so far. Yes we realize it’s only February but we have a hunch these will be tough to top.

As for the tech: A special tri-layer construction on the upper, with Neoprene and air mesh seamlessly blend across the entire boot giving the player touch within a silo built for speed. A modern sock-like collar is added for extra stability as well.  Lastly, the “if it aint broke, don’t fix it” paradigm applies to the sole plate as it remains unchanged from it’s predecessor. 

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Umbro’s  latest evoke a classic Holland Oranje swagger or Halloween vibes, depending on where your from. The “Orange Pop” Collection sees the Double-Diamond employ an underused colorway in a uniquely brash and subtle styling across their three main silos.

Umbro treat their trifecta like a gradient color-bar going from bright to subdued. The Velicoita, gets a very loud and copious dose of orange with black accents, fitting for a speed silo built for quick-footed wingers. Meeting in the middle we have the Medusa PRO which uses a 50/50 paint-job on a buttery k-leather upper for class with an orange panache. Last, we have the UX Accuro which turns down the “Orange Pop” opting  for a subdued matte-black finish.

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#TBT is back and we are inspired by our recent trip to Old Traford for the Manchester v Liverpool match. “The Theatre of Dreams” got that fuzzy nostalgia going back to a golden era for Manchester United. Back when Umbro was king and back when and The Red Devils reigned supreme. 



The kit: Manchester United 98/99

Brand: Umbro

Sponsor: Sharp

Worn by: David Beckham, Ryang Giggs, Paul Scholes, Dwight Yorke and Gary Neville

The story: One Man United’s greatest side. The class of 92 golden boys were all in their prime and so was the great, Sir Alex Ferguson. This historic squad side would win the League, League Cup and Champions League in dramatic fashion. Though they’d wear a special kit in the UCL final the classic Umbro kit seen below became legendary. Man U’s trademark red was accented by large white with black trimmed collars and those nostalgia tickling Umbro tri-diamonds flanked the sleeves. The Sharp sponsorship logo became synonymous with the kit and blended seamlessly with the overall look as well. 

Where to cop: Unlike many of the kits we feature on this segment this bad boy is not only inexpensive but also easy to find. has a stout collection ranging from short to long sleeve and from various players.






It was with Sharp across their chest and those trademark Umbro tri-diamonds flanking their kits that Manchester United thrived during one of the most iconic eras in the club’s history. The 90’s saw Cantona’s kung-fu kick with his collar flipped. It was when Giggs shredded Arsenals entire defense en route to an FA Cup title. There was Beckham’s halfway goal, Scholes dropping 30 yard dimes, Keane’s tackles, Shmeichel’s resolve and of course, countless titles. There was swagger about Man U back then, anyone alive to see it remembers it very well.

Clearly the boys from Nowhere FC were around back then. Their latest collection features a series of scarves and patches which brilliantly employ those stellar, nostalgia provoking cues from The Red Devils golden era. Our favorite is the Sharp badge with the black tri-diamond print. Take a look at the entire collection below and cop at