As the modern soccer pushes forth a question that gets asked now more than ever is “Why aren’t there more products tailor made for females?” The good people at Storelli took it upon themselves to answer said question with the Storelli Women’s Body Shield Series. A line of soccer apparel for female soccer players that addresses the needs of the modern game— faster, smarter, more technical and played on turf or rough surfaces. The line features a a lightweight, micro-fiber, crop-top with removable padding and innovative rib protection. The Abrasion leggings feature a unique built-in shin guard pocket along with anti-abrasion pads on the hip and legs for maximum protection from turf or hard surfaces. Rounding out the collection are the first ever goalkeeper leggings designed for women. As you’d expect from a brand that has made their mark on elite goalkeeper gear, the GK Leggings are oozing with quality including 5mm hip protective padding, along with anti turf burn panels on the knees and legs.

The Storelli Women’s Body Shield Series is available now at