Hummel Hive went back to the roots of streetwear in its most recent collaboration with Blackrainbow Agency. The duo released a limited-edition collection sneaker yesterday highlighting a revamped and bold design on its tried and true silhouette, the Marathona.

When discussing the inspiration behind the sneaker, Blackrainbow cofounder Greg Hervieux said, “The idea was to go back to the late ’80s and the early ’90s – back to the source of streetwear, to a graphic look and to a time when colors were bright and dare-full as opposed to the more cautious palettes of today. It made sense to take an iconic shoe and return to the roots and the meaning of streetwear – but still make it contemporary.

They certainly did just that. Boasting a color palette of black, grey, and electric neon pink, the design resonates with the era of bright and funky colors and patterns. The black and grey area is a reflective material and the shoe comes with three alternative lace options. The repeated dot design on the heel counter and toe cap is mirrored in the pink laces.

The HML x BKRW shoe released yesterday, April 19th, and is retailing for $150 USD. A Blackrainbow and Hummel Hive hoodie accompanied the release and both items can be picked up at or shop.blackrainbowagency. Only 300 pairs were released so act fast if you need a pair in your collection!