So the hype around the PSG x Jordan Brand collab was more than real. What we fail to realize though, or at least what I did initially, was that this is not the first time a brand totally foreign to the world of soccer has come in to stake its own claim. While numerous brands have come and gone before the Jumpman, the overwhelming success of this PSG x Jordan Brand collab has proven that there is obviously more than enough room for other brands besides adidas and Nike. There is clearly and more importantly real opportunity for brands out there right now, especially those with a streetwear heritage, to reinsert themselves back into the spotlight.

What follows is a list of brands I consider prime for a comeback or that I’d simply love to see back in soccer.


I start off with what is perhaps the biggest longshot, and that is FILA. Here in the United States, FILA has not been hot since the Grant Hill sneaker line. The same can be said about its stint in soccer as its heyday came at about the same time in the late ’90s and early 2000’s. Though the brand is not totally out of soccer as it sponsored some lower league teams in recent years, you start to wonder what sort of splash FILA could make in this new context we now find ourselves in, as well as with a much higher profile club to back it.


Reebok, as we all know, is a Crossfit brand nowadays, but who could forget the fire kits they put out in the not so distant past. This away number worn by Javier Zanetti in the late ’90s is one of the best put out by the brand. I know I can’t be the only one who wouldn’t mind wearing something similar to this with a fresh pair of Reebok DMX’s.


Starter is another brand with a streetwear past to make a foray into soccer. Only a few years ago, the brand kitted out Oxford United, a team from the lower tiers of English football. While its design for the club’s home kit is not something that immediately grabs my attention, Starter still has an unshakeable nostalgia tied to it. There is definitely much for the brand to capitalize on, which is why I’d love to see some soccer club partner with Starter on some sort of apparel line at the very least.


Rounding out the list is Champion, the brand I consider to have the most potential of all. Unlike all of the brands profiled just now, Champion is the only brand to still have considerable cultural relevance in the present day. Most of us might remember Champion in its time outfitting Parma. As those kits are still very sought after, I can’t help but wonder why the brand has yet to stage a comeback in soccer.

I hold out hope that some, if not all, of these brands will make their triumphant return. The timing just seems right as soccer now has the type of consumer that appreciates the allure of a brand with both a sport and streetwear past. Make sure to let me know your own thoughts on this topic in the comments below.


The Confederations Cup is underway and a powerful Chile squad that is coming off of back to back Copa America titles and has shown no signs of taking this tournament lightly. For this week’s Throwback Thursday we will look back at a kit that would forever be associated with a new standard of Chilean football.
The Kit: Chile National Football Team 97-99
Brand: Reebok
Worn By: Marcelo Salas, Iván Zamorano, José Luis Sierra, Javier Margas, Clarence Acuña
Where to Cop: has a stout selections and some fire gems for Salas and Zamorano
The Story:
February 11, 1998 – Wembley Stadium
La Roja was squaring off against England in a pre-World Cup friendly. The squads seem pretty evenly matched at the time, however, critics were curious how Chile would cope with having to rest their captain and star striker Iván Zamorano. There was now a bigger buzz around a young Marcelo Salas with all rumors pointing to a summer move to a top European side.  El Matador would rise to the occasion and score a stunning volley and a penalty kick, sealing a 2 nil victory over the Three Lions. Images of an elated Salas graced the back pages of English newspapers, he stole the show and any doubts concerned with Salas’s ability to perform in Europe were cast aside.