Last month we headed to London for the launch of the latest adidas boot, the Nemeziz. Amid the chaos which included freestyle exhibitions and a performance from Desiigner, we were allotted a few minutes to sit and chat with up-and-coming German sensation, Timo Werner. The young Red Bull Leipzig striker really made a name for himself last season with 21 goals and he is currently tearing it up for The German National team at The Confederations Cup in Russia. We keep it true to KTTP as we chatted soccer, style, Nemeziz and goal celebrations with Timo, have a look below. 

KTTP: What were some of your most memorable boots growing up?

TIMO WERNER: I really liked the adizero growing up and last season I liked the Messi boot. Now I’m obviously looking forward to wearing the Nemeziz. I’ve already tested them in training but I can’t wait to wear them in a game

KTTP: What are some of the features of the Nemeziz that you like?

TW: It’s the first time for me wearing a laceless boot. At first, it was a bit different but I got used to it and I ended up liking it a lot. 

KTTP: Now if you could have your own signature colorway, what would it be?

TW: White and red, matches my team colors.

KTTP: Off the pitch, how would you describe your style?

TW: I’m not a flashy guy, I like to keep it simple. A lot of my peers like to go “Bling Bling” but that’s not really my style (Laughs).

KTTP: Who on the German National would you say is the best dressed?

TW: Well we have players that fit into different styles. You have Mario Gomez and Matts Hummels who like to wear suits and something more chic. Then we have players like Jerome Boateng who wear more oversized stuff, casual and I’d use the word “swag” to describe him for sure. Me personally I’m between the two. 

KTTP: Game day music? What are you listening to before a match?

TW: Before the game, I’m not in charge of music. We have a “DJ” on our team or semi-pro DJ (Laughs). Yussuf Poulsen from Denmark. He’s in charge of the music in the locker room.

KTTP: If you were in a house that was burning down, name 3 things that you would grab?

TW: My phone, my football boots and my Playstation.

KTTP: Outside of soccer do you watch any other sports?

TW: Basketball. I like the Cavs and Kyrie Irving. Of course LeBron also, Curry and Durant are also incredible.

KTTP: Last question if you scored the game-winning goal for your country in the World Cup what would you do?

TW: Oh, it would be spontaneous, I’m not someone that plans celebrations. One from the past that I’ve done a few times is sliding on my knees for some reason (laughs) but I never really plan it.