Umbro have jumped on the retro fever that has taken hold of next seasons kit designs. Like many others the 2017/18 PSV kit takes inspiration from a glorious time in the teams past. The year was 1994, a certain young Brazilian by the name of Ronaldo was destroying defenses while making a name for himself on his way to becoming one of the best ever and all in that iconic red an white. The latest design sees Umbro return to the familiar four red and three white stripes. The order of the stripes slightly deviates from the shirts worn in the previous seasons however. The designers have opted to insert a white strip in the middle of the shirt and put a red and white stripe on the sleeves. The back of the shirt contains a red square with the player’s name and number with stripes on the bottom part of the shirt.

The Umbro PSV 2017/18 Home Kit will be available starting June 19th at