For their latest pack Nike takes it limited to their X line with stealthy vibes. Keeping things fresh is imperative in today’s soccer retail landscape. Nike understands this better than anyone as they are the reason for the barrage of monthly boot iterations from anyone trying to keep pace. With an onus on flashy panache Nike’s real genius comes through when they rewind and bring it back to the basics, insert the ‘Chasing Shadows’ pack. Gone are the Volt and Hyper Orange we are acustomed to, in are Black, White, Wolf Grey with minimal accents as the pack stays true to its namesake. It’s alwaysrefreshing to see how a silo is given new life with a minimalist stroke. The Tiempo in particular looks clean enough to wear off pitch, for that reason it is our favorite of the range.

The Nike ‘Chasing Shadows’ pack is available now at