Back in 2016 Neymar joined forces with Red Bull to put on the world’s biggest five-a-side tournament ever seen. Featuring 10,000 teams with 65,000 players in 47 countries, on 6 continents…the tourney was a massive success. The games were feverishly fast fast-paced thanks to the unique rules which included a 10 minute time limit and the loss of a player each time a team was scored on. This was all inspired by the style of street footy the Barcelona Starlet grew up playing in his native land.

Now onto 2017 where Neymar and Red Bull have announced the 2nd edition of the tournament this time with more regional qualifiers plus a more open player pool. In the USA, the road to the finals travels through 16 qualifiers in 10 states, kicking off March 25 in Tampa, Fla. and Dallas, TX. From there, qualifiers continue on through California, Arizona, Florida, Texas, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Kansas, Ohio and Colorado. The top two teams from each qualifier then travel to the US finals in Miami in June.

If you’re wondering why the American qualifying process is so rigorous it’s beacause Neymar has long spoken highly of America and even playing footy state side: “Long term, if I could choose any other country to play in it would be the United States. The culture in the US is incredible, and that really attracts me – as do the amazing cities. It would be a great place to play one day.”

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