In looking back to my first ever interview with Midfld founder Daniel D’Angelo, I now come to realize how much of a visionary in himself Daniel really is. At that time, I asked him essentially what the future of his brand looked like. Despite not providing any specifics in terms of projects or collections, Daniel did say, “I am influenced by many things: the game, music, fashion, skate. So really I see making things that are all over the place. But having the positive message behind the brand always stands.” With a few collections now under his belt, D’Angelo’s words ring truer than ever.

It is only fitting then that vision itself becomes the subject of Midfld’s latest offering. As expected, the term comes with more than one meaning. For the soccer fan, the theme is intended to pay tribute to all the great players who made the game uniquely theirs through their own vision. In typical Midfld fashion, however, the term extends well beyond the pitch. This larger theme of perception beyond ordinary sight takes inspiration from the Buddhist traditions steeped within the brand. In this case, the reference is to the third eye which in Buddhist belief is said to be the gate that leads to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. The third eye is also associated with religious visions, clairvoyance, and the ability to observe chakras.

It is in learning about this larger meaning that I understand the theme in a soccer sense more clearly. Looking back at all the visionaries I have been lucky to witness, none stand out more than Ronaldinho. Aside from his incredible playmaking ability, I will remember Ronaldinho more for how in tune he was with himself. His no-look pass is perhaps the most telling of all as it not only captures his innate field vision but also that infectious and unselfish energy which I believe really distinguished those visionary field players more than anything.

Ironically, it may be this same infectious and unselfish energy that now draws artist Geoff Gouveia to Midfld. Perhaps best known for his LAFC mural, Gouveia now lends his talents to the eye graphics that form part of the front and back of Midfld’s two shirt offerings. As abstract representations, Gouveia’s graphics emphasize this theme of vision by forcing you to look past all that is immediately perceptible. In doing so, you appreciate the depth behind his work from the minute details to the unique interrelationship of color.

In saying all this, I think back to a point I only briefly touched upon in other collections from Midfld. At one point or another, I praised Midfld for allowing me to believe that one’s space can also be a space for others. I see this now in this offering more than any other and it gives me great satisfaction to know that with Geoff Gouveia stepping into this space, he too sees what Daniel always saw. At the very least, not all of us may be visionaries like them, however, the philosophy of finding our own space should still leave a lasting impression on all of us as well. There is obviously no better way to start believing in this philosophy than by picking up one of the limited Midfld x Geoff Gouveia shirts at Midfld’s online shop.


Can you walk by the color purple and not notice it? I dare you to try especially when you have Midfld’s latest “Dal Viola” collection right in front of your own eyes.

No matter how hard I might try, the collection is one I cannot help but be drawn to. Though its soccer inspiration is what initially intrigued me, I find myself now more enamored with this offering because of the impression that it has left on me that’s totally unrelated to soccer.

The collection reminds me to appreciate the beauty in everything. For Midfld founder Daniel D’Angelo, it is from the color purple, which is what “Dal Viola” means, that he too was able to appreciate all the beauty around him. The color, however, has taken on a richer meaning as it signifies all the great Fiorentina teams he grew up watching. He refers to the great Fiorentina players such as Socrates, Batistuta, Rui Costa, and above all Roberto Baggio, as players who left a lasting impact on him both for the fashionable jerseys they wore as well as the creativity, skill, and genius they showcased. This overall style is what Midfld’s latest collection replicates.

The collection puts a twist on a classic Fiorentina logo and includes the team’s signature color in all except one of its garments. It is spearheaded by a unique tribute to Rui Costa in the form of a vintage style jersey that utilizes shadow numbering as well as Gothic print on the back to honor the player’s Portuguese heritage. As the title of the collection suggests though, purple merely serves as a portal as Midfld brings with it a slew of other vibrant colors with their own meaning.

The color selection for this particular collection has both a stylistic and thematic purpose. While staying true to the design heritage of the club by incorporating all the colors that they use, such as purple, white, red, and gold, Midfld also stays true to its own aesthetic by maintaining that casual look with more of an athletic sportswear vibe this time around.

The selection, in the end, is compelling, but again Midfld is more than just about outward appearances. One of the brand’s posts on its Instagram page captures the true core values behind this collection through a quote from Roberto Baggio which reads, “you have to believe in yourself. You don’t believe that something external guides your life – basically, it’s you. You understand your defects. You learn to be happy.” In line again with its mantra, Midfld reminds us to find our space through the players which found their own.

It is when thinking about this message that it becomes easier to choose my favorite piece from this entire collection. I arrive specifically at Midfld’s tribute to Socrates in the form of a gold t-shirt with the number 8 on the left chest and the words “find the space” in Portuguese. As a player who not only dazzled me on the field, Socrates might be better remembered for his involvement in pushing for democracy in his native Brazil. His exploits thus expand the meaning of what Midfld has come to mean. It is not simply about finding your own space, but rather also realizing how your space can become a space for others as well.

Midfld’s “Dal Viola” collection makes it difficult to overlook the beauty of this thought. I hope you too can notice the beauty the brand has put before us through the color purple and pick up your favorite pieces from its online shop.

Images via Midfld.