Formerly eldejo and now losdejos, regardless of the moniker graphic designer Jason Lee continues to churn out intricately executed and thoughtful pieces of soccer ware. Last month he gave us the politically driven #DumpTrump kit, this month he gives an equally busy jersey albeit with lighter inspiration by way of Liverpool, Klopp and heavy metal. The kit is made up of iconic heavy metal flags and Liverpool scarves which have been sublimated onto polyester via the polygon/diamond patterns seen on the shirts worm by Liverpool from ’89-91. Imagery used by Slayer and the Liverpool born Iron Maiden are easy to see, the latter is also the inspiration for the name on the back as Dickinson is the surname of the legendary bands lead singer. The right sleeve also features a rework of the EPL badge and Liverpool’s YNWA mantra. The white circle features a purple Anarchy symbol instead of a Lion, while the words ‘You’ll Never Slay Alone’ border the badge.

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