Ever since Cantona popped his collar before casually bidding “Au Revoir” to a demonic goalkeeper in the 90s, Nike has set a precedent for soccer commercials that feel more like mini films. Today, they continue that tradition as they honor a fruitful partnership with one of the world football’s greatest clubs, F.C. Barcelona. Entitled “The Ball Makes Us More”, the film serves as a beautiful anthem for the Blaugrana and their unique synergy with the city of Barcelona.

From Front to back the advert bleeds Barcelona by featuring several iconic players past and present, from Ronaldinho to Andres Iniesta along with reigning FIFA Women’s Player of the Year Like Mertens. More fitting Catalan cameos come by way of pro skater Pedro Attenborough, the percussionist Kaboom, songstress Rosalia as well as the Barça born actor Carles Francine who plays narrator. Another heartwarming addition is the inclusion of an extra by the name of Carles Tarrida, a 78-year-old FCB fanatic that was on hand for the Camp Nou’s first ever match. Oscar award winning cinematographer Wally Pfister of Inception fame seamlessly ties everything together for another iconic Nike advert.


Today, Nike has unveiled the 2017/18 FC Barcelona away kit. The vivid blue color pallet is similar to ones we’ve seen on Blaugrana strips from the past. Subtle accents are seen via Barca’s typical red and blue on the collar, while the clubs mantra “Força Barça” is separated, then imprinted on the inner right and left sleeves. As you can see up close, the shirt’s engineered knit zones create a subtle geometric pattern for enhanced fit. The sides of the kit are flanked by the clubs classic red and blue colors, one for each side. They actually expand as the player is motion.

As with all of Nike’s new strips for this season, the latest Barca away kit features fabrics made of recycled plastic and polyester.

The Nike FC Barcelona 2017/18 away kit is available now at select retailers like Niky’s Sports and at


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It has been a tear-filled goodbye tour for one of soccer’s greatest and most iconic stadiums. The Vicente Calderón has seen many things, but above all, it was the home of Atletíco Madrid’s notoriously passionate fans. Over the weekend the last official competitive match was played at the stadium and the only unfortunate thing about the affair was that Atletí was not involved. Thankfully the Copa Del Rey Final was a swan song worthy of the Calderón’s children and it’s aura. Played between the Basque minnows of Alaves and the Catalan giants of Barcelona, the match,  from beginning to end was special. Now when we say beginning we literally mean in the pubs or streets outside of the stadium hours before the match. The crescendo from calm, somewhat desolate to the increasing congregation of fans, beers, songs….the beautiful camaraderie that makes soccer unlike anything else on the planet, sport or otherwise. We were lucky on many levels as we got to see the brilliance of an in-form Messi, the aging beauty that was the Calderón and possibly the greatest fans we’ve ever witnessed in the flesh. Yes, Messi was near perfection as ever and the Blaugrana were in full force, but the undying endeavor of Alaves on the pitch was only paralleled by their beautifully relentless fans. It was as if they had won, not a single one of them left the stadium, instead, they rocked the withering stadium to its boundaries even an hour after the trophy celebration. 

Lastly, massive thanks to the good people at Hummel for being such gracious hosts on this amazing trip and experience. 

All inside stadium shots courtesy of Lino at


Nike keeps it moving with reworks of classic strips from around the globe. Next up, the FC Barcelona 2017/18 home kit.  The Blaugrana’s latest is an updated take on their classic bold stripes graced with a contemporary touch. The red bands attenuate across a deep blue backdrop offering an entirely unique take on stripe composition. As with most of Barca’s kits, Catalunya receives an homage on the back of the collar which subtly displays the yellow and red stripes of their beloved region’s flag. The words “Força” are engrained on the inner right sleeve, while “Barça” features on the right, an ode to club pride.

Neymar sums up the new kits perfectly… “Pulling on the new Barça kit for the first time creates a mixture of pride and optimism for the season ahead. It looks and feels like a modern uniform of sport.” 

The Nike FC Barcelona 2017/18 home kit will be available June 1st at and select retailers.