This popped into our inbox today after a back and forth with Eldejo regarding his recently designed #DumpTrump kit. Naturally our jaws dropped and the questions ensued. Sometimes the Who? What? Where? and Why? is really quite simple.  From the man himself:  “It’s a mashup: I took a week 1 Supreme drop, the Acid Wash l/s and added the Arsenal 2003-4 Invincibles season badges with the name/numbering. It’s not a collab and I designed it insofar as adding the badges to it. Seeing the Supreme logo there, it reminded me of a center front sponsor, so I mashed the two together. And……the Invincibles reigned supreme.  Just as Henry was supreme.”

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Eldejo, the man that brought us a brilliant Kubrick inspired collab with Le Ballon and the Portugal tribute vest, is at at it again. This time the soccer loving artist brings a brazen kit with an equally loud message. The shirt, very obviously takes inspiration from America’s tumultuous political landscape since President Trump has taken office. The busy, all-over print takes cues from the countless slogans used in anti-Trump protests and rallies. A red, white and blue tie-dye pattern symbolizes both the American flag and the political unrest of the 60’s.  The “Bad Hombres” sponsorship branding comes from the movie “Three Amigos”  same as the “El Guapo” nameon the back. The right sleeve features a play on the UEFA respect patch while the right sports a Dos a Equis beer and Mexican Flag mash-up, a nod to the millions of immigrants living in the States.

According to Eldejo this is one of three shirts all themed to represent groups of people whom have been attacked by the current President elect. All three plus a special edition Obama shirt will soon be available on eldejo.com WITH 15% OF THE PROCEEDS GOING TO THE ACLU (AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION).