In the studio this week Drew connects with Ben from Bumpy Pitch and our own Rich Gordon to talk about our collaboration, The Association, a pioneer event of its kind. Major influencers and brands within the soccer community draft teams and play pickup soccer every Thursday night amidst a taco stand and open bar in Los Angeles. The Association is pushing the culture through influential brands and artists in and around the game.

Each week brands take turns with an art instalation of their choosing that best showcases their talents and what they are all about. The guys mull over the process of establishing such an event and the numerous hurdles they battled trying to get it up and running. To check out more about it, visit The Association LA.

They also debate Wayne Rooney signing with DC United and what this could mean for the MLS moving forward. Are they bringing on Rooney in hopes he can spark some excitement back into DC United? Is he thinking MLS is a retirement league?

Listen up as the guys weigh in:


It feels like every month we have a new collaboration between reputable brands and MLS teams and/or supporters groups. D.C. United’s Screaming Eagles supporters group are the latest contingent to join in on the paradigm. Their limited edition capsule collection was created by Philly based Mitchell & Ness. The collection’s inspiration comes from the idea of fostering inclusivity, something that the Screaming Eagles pride themselves on. The range heavily features rainbow colorways along with the Screaming Eagles and D.C. United logos. Scarves, tees, hoodies beanies and of course hats make up the brilliant collection which is steeped in connecting soccer to D.C.’s entire community. 

The Screaming Eagles X Mitchell & Ness Capsule collection is available now at Mitchelandness.com