In a bid to further the marriage between streetwear sensibilities and soccer aesthetics, Vancouver-based Frankie Collective, a female-focused platform that “take inspiration from ’90s staples and rework vintage garments to push the boundaries of contemporary style,” have teamed up with adidas Canada for a fire collection of customized soccer pieces. As mentioned, the unique pieces see an exploration of soccer and streetwear culture by way of some of our favorite adidas-sponsored clubs – namely Juventus, Real Madrid, Manchester United, and Beyurn Munich – and were made as part of adidas Canada’s recent #TangoLeague held in Toronto. Have a look at Frankie Collective‘s official editorial shot by felice.c0m, featuring Ebhoni Ogarro, Emily Ferguson, and Mercedes Edison aka UNimerce.


The 2026 FIFA World Cup vote declared a join hosting effort between the US, Mexico and Canada. This has provided a major opportunity for the North American soccer scene to cultivate not only future national team stars, but a bustling creative scene offering a special dimension to the World’s biggest game.

adidas has revealed a content piece aiming to inspire a young and creative generation to embrace the opportunity that has risen with North America getting the 2026 World Cup. The film was created in Los Angeles and highlights that adidas look to collaborate with local artists and storytellers.

But what does the mean for the game itself? Soccer is much more than just what occurs on the pitch, it’s a culture and a lifestyle that many live through on a daily basis. And this is what adidas is looking to capture during this film, showing that is a tool that can be used to enhance the lives of young talented creators who want to find a route into the game they love.

The new campaign focused on the North America World Cup is a brand extension of adidas’ Creativity is the Answer, which calls filmmakers, photographers, artists and more from major cities around the world to co-create and shape the brand narrative.

Giovanni Reyna told adidas, “being creative on the field helps the rest of the country want to play the game and want to enjoy the game.” A resonating statement from the young NYCFC player because adidas is calling to embrace the creativity and if you do, it inspires others to create themselves.

“I think creativity is a way to connect to other people, it allows people to connect to each other and how can we push each other to be creative, says local artist Geoff Gouveia and this seems to be what adidas’ are tapping in to, to show that a wave of creativity in various sectors can develop the effort on the pitch for the national sides.

Soccer is synonymous with art. It’s a beautiful form of self-expression and creativity allowing you to provide an image that represents yourself, a brand or a cause. And this needs to be capitalised on more from global brands. There is a major opportunity for young creators to provide something special for the World Cup, showcasing what North America has to offer creatively and using this flow can really draw on the emotions of the nations’ soccer teams to really enhance belief and performance.

This creative movement that adidas’ is looking to kick-start is something that can inspire a younger generation of soccer players themselves. Not only are they calling for artists, filmmakers and other creative professions, but for the player themselves to get creative. Play with freedom. Play with belief. Play with creativity. And using a creative revolution like they are, a forceful effort can be employed to inspire the players and improve the talent generated.

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Canadian-based premium athletic brand Reigning Champ will drop their monochromatic “MLS Cup Champions Pack” in collaboration with Toronto FC tomorrow, commemorating the team’s win in the 2017 MLS Cup last December over the Seattle Sounders. The words “Reigning Champ” and the clubs logo are proudly displayed across the chest. A star, with the number 17 inside, appears on various spots of each product. The design, kept rather simple, makes a bold statement.

Handcrafted in Canada and custom made for Toronto FC, Reigning Champs’ signature midweight terry and ring spun jersey complete the design. The pack released a black sweatshirt and jogger pants set, as well as two t-shirts—one black and one white, each sharply contrasted with clean colorways. Check out the pieces from the “MLS Cup Champions Pack” below.

Toronto FC starters Alex Bono, Jonathon Osario, Chris Mavinga, and Ashtone Morgan modeled the pack around Toronto’s BMO Field, home to the team’s championship win. The pack releases early Wednesday morning at 8 AM PST online at and in Reigning Champ Flagship stores throughout Toronto.


Just like the beautiful game, the #ChicksInKits movement don’t sleep. Our latest muse is the perfect example of soccer’s broad reach. Lauren Sesselmann is a Green Bay, Wisconsin native and a member of the Women’s Canadian National Soccer Team. She helped her side to an Olympic Bronze medal in London and played for Canada when they hosted the 2015 Women’s World Cup. Lauren recently moved to LA where we linked up for tacos and a chat. Check out the Q and A plus a BTS video below.

KTTP: Tell us your name, where you’re from and how you got into soccer?

LS: My name is Lauren Sesselmann I’m from Green Bay, Wisconsin. I started playing soccer when I was around eleven. I was a huge basketball fan before that but saw my brothers playing soccer and got hooked on it.

KTTP: So you played for the Canadian National Team, tell us a little bit about that.

LS: Playing for the Canadian National Team was a dream come true. I got to play in the London Olympics which was the most surreal moment of my life. I was surrounded by family, friends, and fans, then seeing that flag come down, there were tears of joy. Also playing in the World Cup was an incredible experience. With it being hosted in Canada, everywhere we went there was so much support and love, it was amazing.

KTTP: So which team or teams do you support?

LS: I really enjoy watching all different styles of soccer. I grew up watching Arsenal and Theirry Henry, he was one of my favorite players. I also love watching Barcelona because of their style of play. Internationally, I like watching Germany because their always tough and physical which is how I play.

KTTP: Who would you say is your current favorite player.

LS: I know everyone says it and its cliché but it has to be Messi. I really do love the way he plays.

KTTP: What are some of your favorite stores and brands?

LS: I really like KITH, they have amazing bombers, tops, and shoes. I love Aritzia for everyday wear, Nike’s amazing and Revolve as well. I’m a big sneaker freak so lots of Nike.

KTTP: What are your top 3 sneakers at the moment?

LS: My top 3 at the moment are all Nike of course. I like the Sky Dunks, I have them in every color, they were the best and they really need to bring them back. I also like Huaraches and Prestos.

KTTP:  What are some songs on your workout playlist?

LS: My workout playlist includes several different genres. From classical to R&B to rap. Some of my top ones are “Hall of Fame” by, “Conqueror” by Jussie Smollett and a little “Step by Step” by Bobby Brown because I like to dance.

KTTP: Basketball has always been synonymous with hip-hop and fashion. Do you see that happening in soccer? And do you see that helping the popularity of the game? 

LS: Yes, basketball has always been synonyms with fashion and especially sneaker culture. But I definitely think soccer is coming around in those aspects. It’s starting with cleats. There are so many different colors and styles. Certain players wear certain cleats and fans identify with them, so they obviously want that look.

KTTP: You’re new to LA, how it going so far?

LS: I moved to LA a little over a month ago. First, I obviously enjoy the weather because where I grew up it was very cold. I’m also a foodie at heart so being in a city where there are so may different things to try is heaven. We just had Guisado’s and they’re some of the best tacos I’ve ever had.

KTTP: Where can people find you on social media?

LS: Both my Twitter and Instagram handles are @lsesselmann