For good or bad Kanye has transcended music. The man has drawn his fair share of detractors and controversy but one thing that is without a debate is Ye’s success in fashion. His Yeezys and subsequent clothing lines via adidas have completely catapulted the brand past its competition. His sneakers revolutionized the game through the limited quantity tried and true hype machine. We even took part in the madness almost two years ago when we asked our good friend Jester from Red Ribbon Recon to make a custom pair of Yeezy x Ace soccer boots. They debuted at our very first Copa Basel installation in 2015. 

Eventually, adidas would design Yeezy and Ultraboost football cleats which begged the question: “Where’d they get that idea?”  The answer, who knows? Even though we can very likely assume it was our man Jester. Inspiration is a unique word in streetwear. Reimagining classic designs, text, and logos is hypebeast 101. Taking “inspiration” sometimes means copying, literally. While people clamor over Kanye’s “genius,” the self-anointed moniker is still very much subjective.

Now we aren’t trying to argue the above,  just merely shedding light on an interesting little thing that was brought to our attention several months ago by Matt Halfhiil of Nice Kicks. The Calabasas logo which is seen on various pieces in clothing line is very blatantly and obviously taken from Coerver Coaching, a long standing soccer program/camp which was established in 1984. Does this matter? Maybe, it’s certainly interesting and slightly cool that Ye is looking to soccer for inspiration. It maybe matters more so to Coerver, which ironically has an adidas deal as well. Especially when Kanye reached a healthy agreement with “Planet Cosmos” font creator Mads Rydahl. An agreement that gives Yeezy full freedom to use said font without worry. It’s one that he clearly takes as “Planet Cosmos” features heavily throughout the line. It should also be mentioned that Coerver has tweaked and modernized its logos so its current iteration is slightly different. See all the images below and let us know what you think.