Aren’t we tired of talking about Real Madrid and the Champions League finals? Finally, Liverpool gets some of the UCL spotlight that has been dominated by Los Blancos for the past three seasons. Being a Barcelona fan myself, this weekend’s final is not something I am looking forward to. Of course I want Liverpool to snatch it from Madrid, but considering my bad luck in sports this year, I have a feeling the boys in white are going to win it again and I’m going to avoid all soccer forums until the World Cup – I don’t like facing the truth. And being a bitter Barcelona fan, I want to steal the big spotlight from these two teams, especially Madrid, at least for the length of this article. For this week’s Scouting Report, I’ll be covering Nivelcrack’s most recent release of their half-zip pullovers inspired by the colors of Barcelona and PSG.

Overall Design: The design of the two pieces are simple and clean. No graphics are integrated, but the main colors of each club were used to show the inspiration behind each piece. The colors of FC Barcelona are blue and red, which is also why they are known as the Blaugrana meaning blue and deep red in Catalan. The colors of PSG are blue, red, and white, hence the name of the piece is “Tricolor” after the three signature colors of the Parisian club. This is a contrast from the rest of Nivelcrack’s SS18 collection as most pieces from that collection were graphic-heavy. The structure of the pullover featuring the half-zip up to the neck is also a great look in my opinion, where it definitely has its roots in soccer.

Score: 4/5

Functionality: These pullovers are made from 100% polyester and yes you certainly can play on the pitch with these, and I actually recommend it as I’ve done so myself! The quality on these is up there with other tracksuits and tops from other major sporting apparel companies. The reason why tracksuits and athletic tops like these became a fashion trend was not just for its looks, but also how comfortable and practical they were for daily wear. When I first laid my hands on them, they felt rich and thick, but also light enough to not drag you down when you wear them.

Score: 5/5

Uniqueness: When you think of this criteria, you’re looking for something that is different from what’s out there right now in the market. Being a Barcelona fan and maybe from a biased perspective, I had a very positive first impression when I first saw the “Blaugrana” pullover. Not because anything in the design was out of this world, nor because it was something I haven’t seen before, but because it perfectly captured how I would want to represent my club without having to boast about the actual crest of the football club. It had just enough of the Barcelona DNA (shout-out Xavi) for me to want to wear it.

Score: 4/5

Details: The details of both pullovers are in their colors, but not much else. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing as the point of this release was to have the colors be the focus of the overall design, and I think Nivelcrack played their cards right with this one. This is the only way for us to talk about Barcelona and PSG during this time of the month, and I want to thank these two pieces for giving me an opportunity to snatch some of the spotlight from the Madridistas of what would soon be a terrible weekend for me.

Score: 3/5

You can now purchase the Blaugrana and Tricolore Half-zip Pullovers from RBC for US customers or Nivelcrack.


We’re all used to it by now. We’ve seen it a countless number of times from the Swedish giant Zlatan Ibrahimovic dominating the soccer pitch week in, week out. What makes him so great is not solely because of the number of goals he’s scored, nor because he’s won league titles in every league he has played in with the exception of the EPL. He is recognized as a one of a kind because of the manner in which he has done everything from day one of his career. He is probably one of the few players – minus Messi, Ronaldo, and Neymar – to have so many goals that are just jaw-dropping. He’s done it so many times that you expect nothing less from him, but still, when they happen again, it never ceases to amaze you. With all that said, did you know that behind his worldly talent in soccer, Zlatan earned a black-belt in taekwondo as a 17-year-old in his hometown of Malmö? And to further his credibility, he’s even received an honorary black-belt from the Italian national taekwondo team in 2010. Putting the two pieces together, I think it’s safe to assume that his outrageous acrobatic goals can be credited to his background in the ancient Korean martial art.

This week’s Scouting Report will cover the latest “Taekwondo FC” tee collection by Nivelcrack, one of our favorite soccer streetwear brands from Korea, recognizing the taekwondo-soccer master himself: Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Overall Design: This isn’t the first time Nivelcrack has released a “Taekwondo FC” tee. Their first release was based on the time when Diego Maradona faced Korea at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, and the Koreans used their taekwondo skills to stop him from his domination. This new collection takes the same approach and illustrates Zlatan doing a jumping taekwondo kick on the soccer field during his time at Manchester. The collection comes in two colorways of blue and red. The meat of the design is on the back of the shirt, while the front of the shirt simply reads “Taekwondo Futbol Club.” Overall I think the design is cool and the colorways are dope.

Score: 4/5

Functionality: I own these myself and can safely say that they’re of great quality. You don’t have to worry about them fading away like some of the 100% cotton tees out there.

Score: 4/5

Wearability: It was a perfect time for Nivelcrack to release this collection as for the past couple weeks Zlatan has been grabbing all headlines in soccer through his move to the MLS with LA Galaxy. His debut goals to snatch a comeback win in their first ever LA derby against LAFC brought more spotlight his way, and he’s also been making some appearances on very popular shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live. Summer is upon us here in LA, and it’s only going to get hotter. It’s perfect to match the heat with this refreshing design of a T-shirt. The pieces will definitely turn heads if you wear it to an LA Galaxy home match or anywhere in LA where Zlatan has been the focus of the city for that matter!

Score: 4/5

Details: Without the number of details on the design, it would be difficult to tell which player the T-shirt is recognizing as the main drawing can easily be seen as just an outline of a person. However, Nivelcrack has done a good job of maintaining some key features of Zlatan so that any true fan will be able to immediately point out that it’s the lion himself.

Score: 4/5

Technology and Innovation: Not much innovation here in terms of design as it is a traced sketch of an actual photo, and also the fact that its a continuous release of the “Taekwondo FC” tee collection, but the overall concept of these are great and fresh.

Score: 3/5

You can now purchase the Taekwondo FC tee collection by Nivelcrack from RBC.


Ever since Cantona popped his collar before casually bidding “Au Revoir” to a demonic goalkeeper in the 90s, Nike has set a precedent for soccer commercials that feel more like mini films. Today, they continue that tradition as they honor a fruitful partnership with one of the world football’s greatest clubs, F.C. Barcelona. Entitled “The Ball Makes Us More”, the film serves as a beautiful anthem for the Blaugrana and their unique synergy with the city of Barcelona.

From Front to back the advert bleeds Barcelona by featuring several iconic players past and present, from Ronaldinho to Andres Iniesta along with reigning FIFA Women’s Player of the Year Like Mertens. More fitting Catalan cameos come by way of pro skater Pedro Attenborough, the percussionist Kaboom, songstress Rosalia as well as the Barça born actor Carles Francine who plays narrator. Another heartwarming addition is the inclusion of an extra by the name of Carles Tarrida, a 78-year-old FCB fanatic that was on hand for the Camp Nou’s first ever match. Oscar award winning cinematographer Wally Pfister of Inception fame seamlessly ties everything together for another iconic Nike advert.


Today we welcome Alexeis Guererros of The Cooligans. He and his fellow comedian Christian Polanco host one of the funniest soccer podcast in the States. With much of their content revolving around the domestic game, Alexis gives us some insight on al things MLS and the current state of affairs in American soccer. We also recap our trip to Spain and talk the crazy Champions League knockout round.

“We saw a bit of a void with MLS. We are both latinos and we come from a certain area, we talk a certain way and MLS wasn’t really reaching us. So we thought lets do something”  – Alexis Guerreros on the how The Hooligans was created.


“People kept asking if I was ok or if I was nervous about the draw. To which I said absolutely not. That is the point of the Champions League. Two big clubs going at it and thats what this tie is.” – Andrew on Real Madrid drawing PSG in the round of 16.

“There’s just something about a Champions League night at the Bernabeu. It’s iconic and there’s definitely bit of magic to it.” – Anthony on watching the Real Madrid v Dortmund UCL match while in Madrid.


It’s clichéd but truly more than any other sports soccer and it’s culture never sleep. As we head toward the holidays artists, designers and taste-makers continue to give us fresh pieces of inspiration. From a new Antoine Griezman line to a fresh Jorge Campos pin from Park Owls FC, here are This Weeks Instagram Best 11.

Continuing exploring this style with the greatest #9 in history #danielnyari

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We are massive fans of Daiel Nyari’s soccer driven artwork. In the piece he pays homage to one of the greatest to ever do it, Ronaldo Fenomono. Though his time at Inter was laced with injury, R9 remains an iconic staple of the Nerazzuri.

Cleatstagram shows a deconstructed Quinto Triunfo. The limited edition Mercurial was created for Cristiano Ronaldo’s 5th Balon D’or. What are your thoughts on the shiny new boots?

The people at Box2Box Hertitage show of this stellar and iconic Nike Borussia Dortmund kit. We’re digging the #Chicksinkits vibes and we’re suckers for that classic Nike Volt. Make sure to check out their website for more classic kits.

We spy Maradona, Mbappe and possibly Kaka…Florent Dumont shows off some of his brilliant and custom subbuteo figures. The man’s detail is impeccable and nearly all of his pieces are for sale at

Master of concepts, Marlon Settpace gives us the clean “What if?”. Neymar’s Mercurial Vapor gets a PSG paint job and it works to perfection. Wonder if the Brazilian starlet has laid his very expensive eyes on these?

Park Owls FC deserves shine for some of the best soccer pins in the game. We already copped the Zizou x Zisou and Ronaldo Mercurial Pins. Now they kill it with another homage to another legend “El Brody” Jorge Campos.

Pep Guardiola is leaving his mark on Manchester City. 🙌

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Bleacher Report hits us with a very poignant and cheek piece of art. Pep has the Sky Blues terrorizing the EPL with the dominance of Barca in the mid 00’s. This badge collab speaks volumes.

Puma all set to launch a new line with Mr. Hotline Bling himself, Antoine Griezman. The line officially launches today December 15th. Head over to to cop some fresh new Grizi gear.

Barca x Kappa

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Back to a time when Pep and Mourinho worked together. Kappa will forever a be an iconic brand tied to soccer’s glory days. Check out this crispy track jacket that screams 90s Blaugrana brilliance.

#TB #balmain @aubameyang97 @chrisbrownofficial 🔥🔥🔥 LIT

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Kevin Prince Boateng was on his “Throwback Thursday” vibes when he rehashed this pic of C Breezy and Aubamayang. We’re not sure when, or how this photo came about, but it’s always funny to see professional soccer players fanboy.

Artist Jimmy O’Mara gives a unique “What if?” courtesy of this brilliant piece with the red hot Mohamed Salah. The Egyptian striker is dressed in the iconic adidas strip worn by the Reds during the 92/93 season.


Today the guys get back on track after the holidays with the Spurs v Arsenal match, they get into Messi’s tussle with a linesman and of course, the brand new adidas Predator release.

“Honestly these were a bit underwhelming, as far looks go. But I’ve yet to try them on and one thing that is universal with every Predator model is the fit is second to none. ” – Anthony on the new adidas Predator

“Barcelona finally dropped points on a sketchy disallowed goal. Messi got into it with a linesman an the official didn’t back down. Always funny to see Barca fans complain about these things.” – A very happy Andrew on Barcelona’s troubles vs Valencia


We keep it moving with our Kits & Kicks feature. The purpose? To explore some off-pitch vibes for the latest footy gear. We’ve overstated it and by now it’s obvious, soccer fashion …is in fashion. As we stand knee-deep in summer radiance, in the middle of tours from some world soccers best we’d like to offer a poolside exposé.

Barca’s latest away kit offers team nostalgia perfect for your summer needs. We pair the ‘Vivid Blue’ strip with that crispy new Nike Lunar Magista II Flyknit. The white, black sole and dash of vibrant pink offer a clean flare to clean up any summer fit. Both kit and kicks aravailable now via in store at any Nike’s Sports and at



Just like the beautiful game, the #ChicksInKits movement don’t sleep. Our latest muse is the perfect example of soccer’s broad reach. Lauren Sesselmann is a Green Bay, Wisconsin native and a member of the Women’s Canadian National Soccer Team. She helped her side to an Olympic Bronze medal in London and played for Canada when they hosted the 2015 Women’s World Cup. Lauren recently moved to LA where we linked up for tacos and a chat. Check out the Q and A plus a BTS video below.

KTTP: Tell us your name, where you’re from and how you got into soccer?

LS: My name is Lauren Sesselmann I’m from Green Bay, Wisconsin. I started playing soccer when I was around eleven. I was a huge basketball fan before that but saw my brothers playing soccer and got hooked on it.

KTTP: So you played for the Canadian National Team, tell us a little bit about that.

LS: Playing for the Canadian National Team was a dream come true. I got to play in the London Olympics which was the most surreal moment of my life. I was surrounded by family, friends, and fans, then seeing that flag come down, there were tears of joy. Also playing in the World Cup was an incredible experience. With it being hosted in Canada, everywhere we went there was so much support and love, it was amazing.

KTTP: So which team or teams do you support?

LS: I really enjoy watching all different styles of soccer. I grew up watching Arsenal and Theirry Henry, he was one of my favorite players. I also love watching Barcelona because of their style of play. Internationally, I like watching Germany because their always tough and physical which is how I play.

KTTP: Who would you say is your current favorite player.

LS: I know everyone says it and its cliché but it has to be Messi. I really do love the way he plays.

KTTP: What are some of your favorite stores and brands?

LS: I really like KITH, they have amazing bombers, tops, and shoes. I love Aritzia for everyday wear, Nike’s amazing and Revolve as well. I’m a big sneaker freak so lots of Nike.

KTTP: What are your top 3 sneakers at the moment?

LS: My top 3 at the moment are all Nike of course. I like the Sky Dunks, I have them in every color, they were the best and they really need to bring them back. I also like Huaraches and Prestos.

KTTP:  What are some songs on your workout playlist?

LS: My workout playlist includes several different genres. From classical to R&B to rap. Some of my top ones are “Hall of Fame” by, “Conqueror” by Jussie Smollett and a little “Step by Step” by Bobby Brown because I like to dance.

KTTP: Basketball has always been synonymous with hip-hop and fashion. Do you see that happening in soccer? And do you see that helping the popularity of the game? 

LS: Yes, basketball has always been synonyms with fashion and especially sneaker culture. But I definitely think soccer is coming around in those aspects. It’s starting with cleats. There are so many different colors and styles. Certain players wear certain cleats and fans identify with them, so they obviously want that look.

KTTP: You’re new to LA, how it going so far?

LS: I moved to LA a little over a month ago. First, I obviously enjoy the weather because where I grew up it was very cold. I’m also a foodie at heart so being in a city where there are so may different things to try is heaven. We just had Guisado’s and they’re some of the best tacos I’ve ever had.

KTTP: Where can people find you on social media?

LS: Both my Twitter and Instagram handles are @lsesselmann


Today, Nike has unveiled the 2017/18 FC Barcelona away kit. The vivid blue color pallet is similar to ones we’ve seen on Blaugrana strips from the past. Subtle accents are seen via Barca’s typical red and blue on the collar, while the clubs mantra “Força Barça” is separated, then imprinted on the inner right and left sleeves. As you can see up close, the shirt’s engineered knit zones create a subtle geometric pattern for enhanced fit. The sides of the kit are flanked by the clubs classic red and blue colors, one for each side. They actually expand as the player is motion.

As with all of Nike’s new strips for this season, the latest Barca away kit features fabrics made of recycled plastic and polyester.

The Nike FC Barcelona 2017/18 away kit is available now at select retailers like Niky’s Sports and at


The Neymar Los Angeles tour has been in full force all week and we’ve been on hand for the entire ride. One of our favorite stops was two days ago at Niky’s Sports Santa Monica location where Neymar was presented with a custom Nike kit. The highly limited jersey was designed by our very own John Qudoe Lee who drew from iconic LA graffiti hand styles. Have a look at our recap video and keep it locked for a more in depth photo journal.