So let’s count: The “Blue Blast,” the “Chequered Blac”‘ and the “UCL Dragon” have all dropped for adidas’ two man silos since the beginning of 2017.  The “Paul Pogba” obviously only dropped for the ACE 17+, so we wont count that. But in case you forgot, we are only in March. It’s mind numbing to process but the Three Stripes are reworking their boot arsenal on a monthly basis. Their latest “Grey Camo” pack features on the aforementioned ACE 17+ Purecontrol and X 16+ in an identical, futuristic looking camo print. The limitied release offers varying shades of grey and white giving both pairs of boots a similar icey vibe.

Both the adidas ACE 17+Purecontrol and X 16+ “Grey Camo” are available now on

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