Today we welcome highly successful Youtuber Zweback. He has garnered over 900,000 subscribers to his channel through entertain and comedic content all built around the FIFA video game series. The boys also World Cup qualifications and things get heated when the topic turns to the possibility of an NIT World Cup

“I remember the conversation I had with my boss. I couldn’t tell him I was starting a Youtube channel. Bro I told him I was going to work for Google. It was definitely an extension of the truth” – Zweback on quitting his job to pursue Youtube

“We romanticize soccer with these iconic clubs and players. It’s going to be weird not having Italy in the World Cup, but Sweden completely deserve it.” -Andrew on Sweden’s shock World Cup berth

“It’s an absolute embarrassment. I’ve never felt so embarrassed to be a supporter of the USMNT” – Andrew on the possibility of a World Cup NIT tournament.

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