Letter from the Founder | Issue 6

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The Summer of Soccer comes to a close and I am sitting at my computer reflecting on how many times we look forward to the summer here in the USA for the chance to able to gets a glimpse of what the rest of the world has access to year during the football season.

The best of the best show up for a month or two and showcase the skills that made them the global stars they are. As an American looking from the sidelines, I get excited about what could be. I believe in due time, America will be a force to reckon with, but right now we still continue to look for ways to make “soccer” better.

From my vantage, we must make an effort as a nation to keep the voice of the sport open 24/7. Making sure the sport is always ahead of the curve and always at the forefront. The culture around the game will be, in my opinion, the key factor of growth in the USA. We as a whole, must stop speaking to the same audience and must expand our sights to a new horizon. If we take the steps necessary to open up the never-ending circle of repetition, I believe we will create a new fan base and a set of players that will begin to emerge within our broken system.

The grind to the top will never end, but one thing is for sure, tapping into a market that is untouched can open up a massive can of optimism for soccer in America.

Sights set into this “outside” world, we are excited to share a glimpse into our perspective of the new horizon. We are excited to share with you Issue No.6 of KTTP Magazine.

Curtis Brown

Letter from the Founder | Issue 5

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Dear Readers,

As we begin to close out this special World Cup, I wanted to reflect on the importance of the beautiful game and the power that it has to change the way the world can see current issues. When we started KTTP, one of our main points of focus was to make sure we tell the story of female on and off the pitch, who transcends what takes place inside the white lines. Key storytelling on the female figures that are breaking the barriers of fashion, music, art, and more all around this game we love.

Every four years, we take female football seriously. The brands start to get behind the athletes, others collaborate with key female tastemakers all to showcase the “power” of the female. I’m not saying all brands do this, but a lot of them come out of the woodworks when the timing seems fit. Now I don’t knock the hustle whatsoever, but what I do have a problem with is the fact that women can’t seem to get the full treatment 100 percent of the time. It only seems to happen when it is convenient, hence the biggest platform in the world aka The World Cup.

Just like the politics as a whole inside the game itself, taking a micro look into the women’s game baffles the hell out of me. Being from the USA we have pride in knowing our USWNT is the best team in the world, but the USA is not looked at as a soccer hub. Would we be taken more seriously if our USMNT had won a World Cup? Would the USA have a bigger following if the MLS was more like La Liga or the Premier League? How about the NWSL, arguably the best female football league in the world, but still battles to get support.

As we continue to build the KTTP brand, our focus on women will always remain a top priority. With the 5th issue of our new platform, we took the time to focus on key women that are making moves inside the world of football from various perspectives. Please understand that an all-female issue as cliche as it may seem is not something that will show up today and be gone tomorrow. Each issue has and will remain focused on the culture of our sport, a culture that oozes with a creative body of individuals all keen on the same vision of equality within the global game. We hope you like the words, photos, and videos from our female team. They have put a tremendous amount of work into this issue and will continue to shine the light on this ever-growing topic. Football truly is Female.

Curtis Brown,

Founder of Kicks to the Pitch