Following our post on the announcement of the much talked about Virgil Abloh/Off-White rendition of Nike’s Mercurial Vapor 360, we managed to get our hands on a pair to truly see what all the fuss is about. Prior to that, we were basing our judgment on the quotes Nike News offered us from Abloh himself on the design and intention behind the boot, online reviews and comments, and our own opinions that took into account Abloh’s recent efforts towards the soccer realm – a conversation we went to lengths on in our KTTP Radio show.

Admittedly, from what I read about the Off-White Mercurials and the reasons behind Abloh’s designs, I wasn’t that impressed. It felt like the creative director/DJ was trying too hard to make himself and his soccer-related endeavors seem authentic when in reality, he only really played soccer during high school. That’s like saying I took a Judo class once in school and therefore I’m now a bona fide Judo fighter… While my sentiments on that remain, I will also admit that with the Mercurials in hand, I was surprised to find the attention to detail and the quality of the production was way better than what I had expected. That being said, was that in part due to Virgil Abloh’s input, or Nike’s continued effort at putting our quality products? Until we figure that out, check out our photo shoot of the shoes throughout for a closer look at the details.


Building on the success of last years brilliant collaboration, Nike and EA have created another stelar boot. This years collab sees a deferent vessel than it’s predecessor with the Hypervenom 3. The inspiration however, remains the same with nods to EA’s digital motion capture graphics seen throughout the upper. Nike’s iconic Volt and black colorway make up the boot with a gorgeous metallic/iridescent sole plate. Have an up close look at the limited collab below.




The Puma One has proved a revolutionary boot by combining classic soccer boot materials with modern tech and design. Kangaroo leather joins a brand new evoKNIT sock collar along with a seamless heel counter and midsole. The new Chrome 17.1 model adds a futuristic stroke of decadence and sleekness. Have an up close and personal look below.

The Puma One Chrome 17.1 is available now at



Just like the beautiful game, the #ChicksInKits movement don’t sleep. Our latest muse is the perfect example of soccer’s broad reach. Lauren Sesselmann is a Green Bay, Wisconsin native and a member of the Women’s Canadian National Soccer Team. She helped her side to an Olympic Bronze medal in London and played for Canada when they hosted the 2015 Women’s World Cup. Lauren recently moved to LA where we linked up for tacos and a chat. Check out the Q and A plus a BTS video below.

KTTP: Tell us your name, where you’re from and how you got into soccer?

LS: My name is Lauren Sesselmann I’m from Green Bay, Wisconsin. I started playing soccer when I was around eleven. I was a huge basketball fan before that but saw my brothers playing soccer and got hooked on it.

KTTP: So you played for the Canadian National Team, tell us a little bit about that.

LS: Playing for the Canadian National Team was a dream come true. I got to play in the London Olympics which was the most surreal moment of my life. I was surrounded by family, friends, and fans, then seeing that flag come down, there were tears of joy. Also playing in the World Cup was an incredible experience. With it being hosted in Canada, everywhere we went there was so much support and love, it was amazing.

KTTP: So which team or teams do you support?

LS: I really enjoy watching all different styles of soccer. I grew up watching Arsenal and Theirry Henry, he was one of my favorite players. I also love watching Barcelona because of their style of play. Internationally, I like watching Germany because their always tough and physical which is how I play.

KTTP: Who would you say is your current favorite player.

LS: I know everyone says it and its cliché but it has to be Messi. I really do love the way he plays.

KTTP: What are some of your favorite stores and brands?

LS: I really like KITH, they have amazing bombers, tops, and shoes. I love Aritzia for everyday wear, Nike’s amazing and Revolve as well. I’m a big sneaker freak so lots of Nike.

KTTP: What are your top 3 sneakers at the moment?

LS: My top 3 at the moment are all Nike of course. I like the Sky Dunks, I have them in every color, they were the best and they really need to bring them back. I also like Huaraches and Prestos.

KTTP:  What are some songs on your workout playlist?

LS: My workout playlist includes several different genres. From classical to R&B to rap. Some of my top ones are “Hall of Fame” by, “Conqueror” by Jussie Smollett and a little “Step by Step” by Bobby Brown because I like to dance.

KTTP: Basketball has always been synonymous with hip-hop and fashion. Do you see that happening in soccer? And do you see that helping the popularity of the game? 

LS: Yes, basketball has always been synonyms with fashion and especially sneaker culture. But I definitely think soccer is coming around in those aspects. It’s starting with cleats. There are so many different colors and styles. Certain players wear certain cleats and fans identify with them, so they obviously want that look.

KTTP: You’re new to LA, how it going so far?

LS: I moved to LA a little over a month ago. First, I obviously enjoy the weather because where I grew up it was very cold. I’m also a foodie at heart so being in a city where there are so may different things to try is heaven. We just had Guisado’s and they’re some of the best tacos I’ve ever had.

KTTP: Where can people find you on social media?

LS: Both my Twitter and Instagram handles are @lsesselmann


“It’s not a football club, it’s not artwork, it’s all that at once.” Reads a quote on A.S. Velasca’s website. A club which was founded in 2015 by five like-minded individuals of French and Italian descent. Based in Milan, the club was born of the idea that football is nothing but an art-form. As such the owners have tasked artists to design a piece for the club to wear on their kits throughout the season. The artwork takes the place of where most clubs have a sponsorship blasted across the chest. While their kits are manufactured by Hummel, the artwork designed by  Parisian graffiti artist Zevs is brazen to say the least. It features the iconic Nike swoosh transposed over the equally iconic adidas trefoil, all done within Zevs trademark “liquidation” technique. According to a club official Hummel had nothing to do with the design. They merely offered a vibrant canvas. 

“Regarding our jerseys, Zevs is showing us disappearance. No more logos just a powerful artwork. In this brand’s world, Zevs superposes two drips in which everything disappear. As in Aikido, the artwork of Zevs is about abandoning the ego; enemy do not exist, we absorb it inside ourselves… to create something new. ” -Wolfgang Natlacen (co-founder)

When words like the above come from one of the owners of the club it is obvious that the clubs identity is crystal clear and executed, from top to bottom. A.S. Velasca are barely two years old and dwell in the bottom realms of Italian football, but with an ethos such as theirs we have a feeling Milan will soon have a third wheel.

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The Hypervenom 3 has been an absolute revaluation. After some growing pains with the first two iterations, the silo become what many feel is the Nike’s best boot to date. Featuring an all flyknit upper and fywire that keeps the foot locked down during violent movements. Poron foam pods grace the strike zone which adapt to provide a soft touch for control and a prime touch for finishing. The biggest stride in tech comes from it’s segmented, “hyper-reactive” sole-plate. The flexibility and freedom is unmatched.  

All of the brilliant tech is dressed in a volt, hyper orange and poison green for a classically loud statement. Nike’s latest looks all the better under a detailed, high-def lens. Have a look below.

For more on the Nike Hypervenom 3 go HERE


We’re keeping it moving with our Details features, this time with an up and comer. Concave is a Manchester based brand that has steadily made their mark in a crowded soccer boot landscape with solid design and unique tech.

Concave’s speed silo entitled, The Volt+ features some of the softest synthetic material we’ve ever touched, on a fittingly lightweight upper which is also covered in tiny lightening bolts for grip. The strike zone features Concave’s most obvious and unique tech. The PowerStrike tech essentially, is a reinforced plastic that is said to offer a 15% increase in striking power. The narrow build and overall fit round off a silo built for pacey wingers with an eye for goal

Take a look at all the subtle textures and nuances of the Concave Volt+ in our detailed photos below. Also stay tuned for an Unboxing via our Youtube channel. 

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