According to website Law360 adidas has accused long time rival Puma, of creating and selling a “look-a-like” soccer boot that uses the heavily policed “three-stripes” branding. The German brand has aggressively protected its trademark and recently in an Oregon federal court that claims the Puma  boots are confusingly similar with a four stripe design on the upper. A rep further argued: “Puma is not only a direct competitor, but shares a mutual history with Adidas,” the company wrote. “Puma is thus intimately familiar with adidas’s three-stripe mark and the enormous goodwill it represents.”

The boots in question are the evoPower Vigor 1, specifically the “Camo” iteration in which the four stripes are more prevalent than in other colorways. Check out the boot in question above in the feature picture section. Below are the other colorways that have been released to date. Let us know, does adidas 

For more on the lawsuit check out Law360.c0m

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